By acknowledging the diversity of the members LAPAS, we are working towards a common goal within the principles set out in these guidelines.

  • We are driven by a shared mission to implement change for a better world. We recognize that social and economic inequalities lead to global poverty and conflict, and that change is needed for peaceful sustainable development.
  • We work together because that is the best way to achieve our mission. We take an active participation in LAPAS, which has a strength of our community.
  • We achieve the greatest impact within limited resources and follow professional standards. We build trust in the NGO sector through excellence in our operations.

Our principles:

  1. Accountability: we are accountable to all stakeholders, especially those we aim to support.
  2. Human rights: we respect freedom of expression and association, we stand for them.
  3. Anti-discrimination: we value, respect and support diversity in inclusive development in all our activities.
  4. Civil society: we believe that civil society is at the heart of fair and sustainable development.
  5. Independence: we are politically independent – from parties, public administration, and business interests.
  6. Advocacy and communication: we ensure that advocacy and communication are in line with our shared vision and public interest. We have a responsible process for developing policy positions, and we follow good practices in the use of images and messages based on dignity.
  7. Sustainable development: we work with local communities, NGOs and other development organizations that work with local needs.
  8. Professional standards: we manage our organizations professionally and efficiently, applying the necessary standards.
  9. Governance: we follow the basic principles of good governance, ensuring a transparent or-ganizational structure and decision-making process, accountability and results, avoiding conflicts of interest.
  10. Transparency: we are open, transparent and honest about our structures, governance, mission, finances and activities, disclosing relevant information where possible.
  11. Ethical fundraising: we leverage funding in an ethical manner by properly implementing the activities entrusted to us.
  12. Evaluation: we are constantly improving our effectiveness, recognizing that it depends on regular evaluation and learning of our activities.
  13. Human Resources: the people who work in our organizations are the foundation of our mission, so we provide them with respect and leadership – both staff and volunteers.
  14. Partners: we support development partners and their development, excluding the organizations and individuals involved in illegal and unethical activities.
  15. Corruption and bribery: we recognize that corruption and bribery undermine development and are committed to refraining from all forms of corruption.