Development funding should be available directly to local and regional organizations as much as possible. LAPAS constantly involves a wide range of local organizations in Latvia and partner countries in its work.


Activities should be implemented in inclusive partnerships between industries and sectors. In its projects, LAPAS cooperates with state and local government institutions, universities and the private sector, develops new current foreign affairs contexts in the topics of security, welfare and culture.


Each organization must take responsibility for development within its competence. LAPAS creates discussions on today’s important topics such as food security, migration, taxes, production processes, civil protection, taking responsibility for public education, involvement and action.

Sustainable development

In the implementation of policies and activities, all three dimensions of development - social, environmental and economic - are equally important. LAPAS promotes greater visibility of the social sphere in development, responding to high inequality and poverty both in Latvia and between countries.


All actions must be oriented towards effective and responsible use of resources, achieving meaningful and sustainable results. LAPAS constantly improves the capacity of its own and member organizations, attracts resources for strategic goals and focuses on achieving visible results.

Human rights

Sustainability of democracy and respect for human rights is an integral part of development. With its activities, LAPAS supports the implementation of the rule of law, equality and other democratic principles, and actively advocates for them.