Humanitarian aid

Humanitarian aid activities are implemented in situations where there is a need to save lives, alleviate suffering and strengthen people’s survival during and after crises by strengthening people’s own capacity to respond to crises. It is guided by principles of humanity.

European Union member states and European Union institutions are among the most important providers of humanitarian aid in the world. Humanitarian aid is provided to people who have found themselves in a difficult situation as a result of human activity or natural disasters - they need shelter, food, water, medicine, healthcare. Help is given to all who need it, regardless of their ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, age and political beliefs.

Non-governmental organizations play an important role in the first crisis response to provide immediate assistance where it is most needed. Further-stage NGOs can also provide support to groups of society that “fall out” of the assistance systems.

Humanitarian aid is implemented through various mechanisms - at the UN level, the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, partnerships, people’s self-initiative, as well as various projects, for example, within the framework of the EU AidVolunteers program, where both individuals and organizations can get involved.

Latvia has not developed a humanitarian aid system, but our country has also sent both material and financial aid in crisis situations. At the same time, it is the support provided by the public through donations that has helped to respond faster and more focused, reaching those who really need it. LAPAS has implemented support activities for the involvement of civil society organizations and volunteers in the humanitarian aid system, creating capacity building and informational activities for member and partner organizations, as well as organizing humanitarian aid and fundraising.

For their involvement in supporting Ukraine, LAPAS has received the thanks of the Prime Minister, as well as the recognition of the Ukrainian Embassy in Latvia and Ukrainian organizations.

LAPAS works for the creation of a humanitarian aid system in Latvia, presenting proposals and cooperating with the Ministry of the Interior, the State Fire and Rescue Service, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.