Workshop on society resilience

16. January, 2024

On January 24, 2024, from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. association “Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation” is inviting to the workshop “Enhancing Societal Resilience: A Civilian Perspective on NATO’s Resilience Baselines” with resilience expert Kyle King (USA). The event will take place at the School of State Administration, 4 Raina bulvāris, Riga.

The workshop will be a dynamic one-day seminar, where we will delve into the growing global threats, learn about the NATO Resilience Guidelines and discuss the importance of societal resilience for civilians and their communities. It will be a unique opportunity to explore community resilience from the perspective of civil-military cooperation, through presentations and examples from Kosovo and Ukraine. The event will be attended by experts with systemic thinking in leadership and the role of communities. At the end of the day, group discussions will be held, sharing ideas and creating a road map for a practical way of resilience in communities.

The event will also be a meeting and collaboration platform for community leaders, policy makers and professionals working on community resilience.

Event expert Kyle King (see experience description here) Managing Director of Capacity Building International, expert in international crisis management, provider of the NATO Crisis Management and Disaster Response Course (CMDR) in the USA, former the Team Leader for the OSCE in Ukraine and a Civil Emergency Advisor and Policy and Plans Officer for NATO in Kosovo, winner of professional awards, including NATO. At the event, support will be provided by other experts and materials for further in-depth work will be provided. After the event, mutual communication will be encouraged.

Event participants: community leaders, policymakers, crisis management professionals, military personnel, NGO representatives, educators, interested community residents.

The event is held in English with simultaneous translation into Latvian.

Workshop program here.

Registration comulsory here.

The workshop is part of the Latvian Civic Alliance and LAPAS project “Civil society leaders for societal resilience and regional security”, which is provided with the support of the Swedish Institute. This program is possible thanks to funding from the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation.